Clerks have it tough

As a clerk, you are the epicenter of Agenda Management... gathering, organizing, managing, communicating, sharing, changing, approving, waiting, changing some more, and occasionally, stabbing. The bad news is, the tools that are at your disposal mean lots of busy work. The good news is, at we’ve got a killer toolbox. You’ll be the envy of clerks everywhere.



You’ve written outlines since 4th grade. Why should it be harder now? Voterheads keeps the process of creation and management simple.



It’s the end of the day but you just got three changes e-mailed to you. Go home! Take care of it later from your phone or tablet.



Setup your agenda once, use it in multiple ways: send your packet to council, publish it for the public, and present it as a slideshow at council.

Managers need a break

Anyone managing people, tasks, documents, deadlines, and communications knows that the only thing more difficult is herding cats. With you’re relieved of your feline duties and happily demoted to hall monitor. Never has it been so easy to create, inform and share your meeting’s agenda items and with the push of a button publish it to multiple sources.



Create your agenda just once in an easy-to-use format. So simple in fact, you may find yourself daydreaming about buying a ranch... and cats.



Get all the important information needed to your council or commission quickly and efficiently. Then take that extended cat-nap. You deserve it.



Publish it to the world super fast! Make it easy for citizen engagement – Now they can be informed. Informed citizens are interactive citizens. Go get ‘em tiger.

Easy for You, Easy for your constituents.

To do your job well, you need information. Information for you that's fast, comprehensive, and easy to access. Information for your constituents that's easy to find and easy to read.'s got you covered.



You gets access to the entire packet in a clean, easy to read format on your tablet, with quick access to all the background information.



Some packet information is sensitive, containing legal or personnel information. Make that information easily accessible by you but protected from those who shouldn't.



Agendas are published instantly to the web. Citizens, businesses, and media can easily subscribe to get updates.